„My work is the performance of concern, with content engaging social/political and environmental issues. Each work is a unique action, neverrepeated; although memories are cut from the bodies of other works and transformed. I want to demonstrate the interplay of opposing forces within society, to reveal the battle between order and chaos. I adopt various ages, I am both infant and senile, showing how the individual moves tenuously between life and death, freedom and authority."
Shaun Caton, 1987

Shaun Caton is a renowned British performance artist, painter, and collagist, who has created over 500 performances worldwide since the early 1980s. Once characterised by extreme duration (some performances have lasted 3 weeks) his work has slowly evolved over a 35 year period into a more homogenous, participatory spectacle. In June 2019 he presented 'il Giardino Grottesco' at the 58th Venice Biennale, in the Palazzo Pesaro Papafava. He often collaborates with people who have no direct experience of contemporary art, sometimes working with groups of school children, and randomly selected audience spectators or passers by, drawing them into a multi-layered, immersive, situation. Alongside his performances, Caton creates many highly original paintings and collages, that reflect the curious themes and images in his performances. He is influenced by non-western and outsider art, ancient and prehistoric cultures, urban archaeology, and psychogeography. Much of his work incorporates miniature objects and articles found on beaches and rivers. His paintings and drawings are often used as backdrops to his performances and some have measured up to 10m long, illuminated by ultra violet lighting (Espace Multi-Media Gantner, Bourogne, France 2014).